Monetize Mobile App Data Earn upto $50/mo per 1,000 MAU

Sell Data

PingSense pays you for allowing us to collect aggregate mobile device information for market research,third-party ad targeting purposes, anayltics etc. You can use PingSense in-parallel to your current monetization solutions. 100% compliant with Google Play and the App Store Policies.

Location Data

We collect the GPS co-ordinates of mobile app users. This data is typically used for Attribution, Place-based targeting, Finance and Transit planning

Match Data

We collect the device advertiser ID and other hashed identifiers. This data is typically used for CRM onboarding, cross device attrubution etc.

Behavioural Data

We collect demographics, purchase intent and app install data. This data is typically used for serving targeted advertisments by third party ad networks.

Other Data

Do you have unique data asset with scale? Write to us with the details. We will evaluate the potential and help you monetize your data.

Buy Data

Do you advertise using demand platforms like Google™ AdWords, Facebook™ Ads, Yahoo™ Ad Manager, DoubleClick™ Bid Manager, AppNexus™ or directly with your own RTB bidder? Our data will help you better with better targeting and increase ROI.

Privacy & Security

Data hashing ensures that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever stored, received, or sent. We need our data suppliers to have proper privacy policy and provide an opt-out option.

Use Cases

Our data can help you with several use cases inclusing CRM onboarding and ad targeting. With location data you can measure your impact online spends with offline store visits.

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